Does Hair Have a Sense of Smell?


Dr. Vlad Ratushny, a regular columnist in the the prestigious hair transplant publication Hair Transplant Forum International, was recently featured discussing new findings in the field of hair growth biology.   In this article, Dr. Ratushny describes how olfactory receptors (typically used to transmit our sense of smell) have been discovered by scientists in human skin.  [...]

Does Hair Have a Sense of Smell?2019-03-26T23:32:49-04:00

Hair Where?


As a writer for the Hair Sciences column for the prestigious Hair Transplant Forum International publication, Dr. Ratushny likes to stay up to date on the latest research on hair loss.  In this month’s blog, we explore new research that attempts to answer the question of why certain areas of the human body have hair [...]

Hair Where?2019-03-17T13:45:41-04:00
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